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Primates in Antiquity is a one-day multidisciplinary symposium conceived to explore and interpret the iconography of monkeys and apes in antiquity.

August 19

041 Haldeman

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The Leslie Center for the Humanities
Dartmouth College
6240 Haldeman Center, Room 263
Hanover, NH 03755
Tel. 603-646-0896
Fax. 603-646-0998

Fellowships, Grants and Co-Sponsorships

The Leslie Center offers a range of fellowships and grants supporting research and creativity. Promoting work in the humanities, but also exploratory work across traditional disciplinary boundaries, these fellowships and grants seek to bring scholars closer to their sources and goals and, by supporting the exchange of ideas, closer to one another.

Research Fellowships

These fellowships aim to promote forward-looking projects in the arts and humanities.

Faculty Grants and Co-sponsorships

The Leslie Center offers grants to Dartmouth faculty to support major undertakings such as conferences and term-long institutes. The Center also helps contribute to the vitality of intellectual culture on campus through co-sponsorships.

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