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September 23

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October 5

Persepolis: A film based on Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel


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A Conversation with Marjane Satrapi


October 9

Homeland: Iraq Year Zero (2015) will be screened by the Dartmouth Film Society


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Marlon James


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From Medieval Britain to Dartmouth: Situating the English Brut Tradition

Friday May 20 and 21, 2011

Brut Poster

In 2006, Rauner Special Collections purchased a fifteenth-century manuscript containing a copy of the most popular version of British history to circulate in the late Middle Ages. Previously in private hands and therefore not included in any of the major studies of this textual tradition, the Rauner Brut contains a unique version of British history, from Trojan settlement to King Arthur to Henry V. This conference aims to bring the Dartmouth Brut into current scholarly discussions of late medieval English culture, scribal practices, and reading publics.

Friday, May 20, Haldeman 041 

Introductions, 2:00-2:10 

Traditions of British History (2:10 – 3:10)
History repeats itself‟: The Dartmouth Brut and Fifteenth-Century Historiography
    Edward Donald Kennedy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Diversities of Image and Text in the Middle English Prose Brut
    Elizabeth J. Bryan, Brown University
 Rewriting the Texts (3:20 – 4:20)
The Scribe of a Glasgow Brut: The Worst Little Scribbler in Surrey?
    Lister Matheson, Michigan State University
 Making Histories: The Belfast Brut Fragment and the Dartmouth Brut
    Ryan Perry, Queen's University of Belfast
Reading from the Margins (4:30 – 6:00)
How longe not set down: Reading the Dartmouth Brut in Sixteenth-Century England
   Emily Ulrich, Dartmouth College
 The Dartmouth Brut and Early Modern Geographies of Britain
   Meg Lamont, North Carolina State University
It ys to harde for my lernyng: Uses of the Dartmouth Brut
    Julia Marvin, University of Notre Dame

Brut Exhibit PosterRauner Library: Reception and Manuscript Exhibit  (from 6pm)
Bringing out the Leaves: Manuscripts and their Meaning
Curated by Dartmouth Undergraduate Medievalists:
John Burden, Lia Grigg, Ben Groverman, Kevin Mallen, 
Olivia Martin, Madeline Sims, Bridgette Taylor, Emily Ulrich

Saturday, May 21, Rauner Library

Scholarship and Preservation into the Digital Age
9:15, Meet at Baker Library Information Desk for tour of Preservation Services
10:00, Deborah Howe, Collections Conservator: presentation of Brut preservation
10:30-12:30, Concluding seminar (further discussion of the manuscript, Friday's papers, etc.)
Major Sponsors: Dartmouth College Library; Leslie Humanities Center
Co-sponsors:  Departments of Comparative Literature, English, and History; 
Associate Deans of Arts and Humanities and of Interdisciplinary Studies

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