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Dartmouth Compliance and Ethics Hotline

Dartmouth College is committed to an environment where all Dartmouth community members are encouraged to report any suspected violations of law or Dartmouth policy without fear of retaliation.
Dartmouth has contracted with an independent third party (EthicsPoint) to serve as the point of intake for receiving complaints and concerns. This service supplements existing offices on campus that help register such concerns, including such issues as academic and research misconduct, child abuse, financial misconduct, sexual assault or abuse, or confidentiality concerns.

We have prepared an FAQ document that provides additional information on this process.
Click here to report any activities that you believe may involve violations of law or Dartmouth policy.

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Trademark Licensing Program

The Office also administers the College's program for licensing use of the Dartmouth College trademarks, trade names, symbols, and indicia.  In connection with this activity, the Office processes licensing applications, agreements, and royalty payments, maintains appropriate quality controls, and monitors compliance with trademark licenses.

Dartmouth College is a member of two organizations dedicated to combating abusive labor practices and protecting the rights of workers who make insignia merchandise and other products.  These two organizations are the Fair Labor Association ("FLA") and the Worker Rights Consortium ("WRC"). Dartmouth licensees must join the FLA and must comply with the Codes of Conduct of both the FLA and the WRC.  To assure compliance with these requirements, Dartmouth requires that departments, clubs, student groups and organizations wishing to have merchandise produced use the "Official Re-sellers" list. To view the artwork and the "Official Re-sellers" list please click here.

Further information about the use of the College's trademarks or licensing may be obtained by contacting: Office of the General Counsel's Licensing Office at (603)646-1729; or email

Last Updated: 9/30/13