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Prospective Students


Thinking about attending Dartmouth?

Academics: As a member of the Ivy League, Dartmouth College is well known around the world for its extremely high educational standards.

Diversity: We are a very diverse college--you will interact with students from around the world and of many different faiths, backgrounds, and cultures. Everyone at Dartmouth is very respectful of different religions, practices, and beliefs.

Environment: Dartmouth provides the perfect environment to grow your secular and spiritual knowledge. You will find many opportunities to cohesively bind the knowledge you learn in the classroom with the knowledge you have of the gospel.

LDS students: There are usually about 10 or so LDS single Dartmouth undergraduate/graduate students each year. Because of the D-plan and missions, this number varies from term to term. We interact closely with the Concord Stake YSA and the regional YSA from New England

Missions: Dartmouth is incredibly flexible for LDS students to serve missions. The existence of the D-plan makes it extremely easy to serve a mission without too much difficulty. The beauty of the D-plan enables you to return at the beginning of any of our 4 terms (fall, winter, spring, or summer), provided that you've already completed your freshman year. You can also defer your offer of admission to Dartmouth until you've completed your mission. You can also graduate early to serve a mission. Many Dartmouth students have used either route to serve a mission.


Want to apply? Visit the Admissions office website for more information!