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Elyse George

Class of 2009
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Theater; Additional emphasis in Music.
Hometown: Springfield/Eugene, Oregon
Loves: THE GOSPEL!, tennis, music, brains, acting/theater, jellybeans, cooking, singing, my wonderful family, Palmyra,
Dartmouth hockey, Oregon, politics, family history work, gaining all the knowledge that I can while I'm here

Currently: working on her senior honors thesis in Neuroscience. Future plans TBD.
Contact: Elyse.M.George@Dartmouth.edu


Kersti Spjut

Class of 2009
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: German

Loves: Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, music, pineapple, awkward moments, Kafka, hugs, large windows, trees, gummi candy, people, missionary work
Subliminal message: Come to Dartmouth, be my friend.



Daewoong Dillon Lee

Class of 2010
Major: Chemistry and Chinese
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Highschool: Myungduk Foreign Language High (Seoul); St. Joseph Catholic High (UT)
Mission: Massachusetts, Boston Mission, 2006-2007







Lindsay Borrows

Class of 2010
Native American Studies; Minor: Linguistics
Hometown: All of Canada!
Likes: missions, vietnamese pot bellied pigs, the out-of-doors, scriptures, family, laughing, learning
Favourite Part about being LDS at Dartmouth: I love being in an environment where I can learn from people from all over the world and share what I believe. This is a great place to learn about A LOT more than academics.
Life goals: be happy
Contact: Lindsay.J.Borrows@Dartmouth.edu




Maurice Navarro

Class of 2010
Biology (Pre-Med)
Loves: Basketball and literally any food with banana inside of it
Mission: Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission, 2004-2006


Graduate Students:


Chantel Sloan

5th year-Genetics
Undergraduate: BYU-Hawaii, Biology
Hometown: Manchester, CT
"I came to Dartmouth in 2004 when I began my graduate program. My experience has been amazing. The wards and the LDSSA have been a huge part of my Dartmouth experience, and I have made many life-long friends being here. My time here so far has been academically and spiritually very rewarding. There are a million different ways and opportunities to serve all around you. I would definitely recommend Dartmouth as a place to do your post-graduate training!"