FRYDADDY'S Mission Statement:

There are a thousand bands out there, and many of them are very, very good. So why should you consider FRYDADDY for your entertainment?

has a unique sound and approach to our music. First, a large proportion of our material is original, written by Carlos Ocasio. Each of his songs has a soul of its own; many reflect actual life experiences.
We bill ourselves as a Rhythm & Blues band, but we are certainly not limited to that style. Our large repertoire of both original and cover songs includes classic rock, blues, Latin, R&B and swing. We present a quality, high energy show whether we're playing for 50 people or 500. We are also flexible, equally at home on the concert stage, outdoor festival, in a night club, at a wedding reception, or entertaining at a corporate get-together.

Then there's Carlos's voice. A lot of people have tried to categorize it, but his vocal presentation is so distinctive that it defies comparison. Whether on our CD or live, once you've heard Carlos, you won't forget the experience!

Although led by Carlos, FRYDADDY
is truly a collaborative ensemble. Among us we are fortunate in
having a wealth of musical backgrounds. Some of us are formally trained (Thal and Wally classically), some have learned our art through years of playing experience. All of us share a love for performing, and to a man, we feel the emotion of the music we are playing. This is readily seen and appreciated by our audiences.

Most of our engagements are either repeat bookings or the result of referrals. If you hadn't heard of FRYDADDY before visiting this web site (even though we've performed a few hundred times!), it's because we are in such demand for private functions that our availability for public venues has been limited. Nonetheless, as a consequence of our first CD gaining rapid popularity and with our second CD in pre-production, we are working very hard to bring the remarkable FRYDADDY sound to a wider audience." We hope you and your guests or patrons will soon join those who have become our loyal - and very much appreciated - fans!

So please contact us by phone or e-mail to order a CD, to obtain further information about the band, or to check our available dates for bookings." We are absolutely certain you won't be disappointed!

Yours in music,

Carlos, Thal, Johnny, Wally and Duff