rhythm guitar,congas, originally from Syracuse, NY, now Hartland, VT. Carlos is
FRYDADDY's ball of fire. He heats up any stage with his volcanic voice,and is the soul of the band!

Thal Aylward, fiddle and keyboards. Thal hails from Windsor, VT. He's
classically trained, but you're not going
to believe the sound he'll give you!


Johnny Ducharme, percussion, from
Windsor, VT. John's drums reflect his mastery
of a wide range of musical styles. From Canada to Boston, Johnny's played with the best of them.


Wally Wysk, lead guitar, also from Hartland.
Wally is an incredibly skilled performer, luthier
and arranger. From classical to rock, acoustic
to in-your-face electrics, he's one of the most
versatile guitarists you'll ever hear!


Duff Cummings, bass guitar, from Hanover, NH. Duff is FRYDADDY's "Eight Ball in the Corner Pocket" holding down the fort while spanking the band's solid bottom!