Students and Associates

Aurelie Deveau - Postdoctoral Fellow, Hogan Lab, Project 2
Aurelie's research is focused on Inhibition of Candida filamentation

Brendan K. Faherty - Student, Gerber Lab, Project 1
Brendan's research involves developing high throughput algorithms for translational mass spectrometry data analysis.

Jason M. Gilmore - Student, Gerber Lab, Project 1
Jason's research involves analytical and statistical approaches to understanding and correcting bias in large-scale phosphoproteomics experiments.

Elizabeth Gray – Undergraduate Student, Griswold Lab, Project 3
Elise has worked to optimize recombinant library construction techniques in the host S. cerevisiae, and is now examining the evolution of drug-resistance in bacterial pathogens.

Maegan Gross - Research Technican, Hogan Lab, Project 2
Maegan's research is focused on analysis of P. aeruginosa-host interactions using clinical samples and cell culture models

Angelyca Jackson - Student, Hogan Lab, Project 2
Angelyca's research is focused on effects of phosphatidylcholine of Pseudomonas biofilm formation

Heather Jewell – Technician, Griswold Lab, Project 3
Heather assists in the development novel proteins designed to efficiently kill drug-resistant pathogens.

Arminja N. Kettenbach, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow, Gerber Lab, Project 1
Arminja's research is focused on developing kinomics approaches to study mitotic kinase signaling in lung cancer.

John W. Lamppa – Graduate Student, Griswold Lab, Project 3
John's research is focused on de-immunization of bacterial alginate lyases, and the development of engineered variants with enhanced capacity to disrupt bacterial biofilms.

Adel Malek - Student, Hogan Lab, Project 2
Adel's research is focused on P. aeruginosa choline transport and utilization

Diana Morales - Student, Hogan Lab, Project 2
Diana's research is focused on Pseudomonas virulence and Pseudomonas-Candida interactions

Amy Piispanen - Student, Hogan Lab, Project 2
Amy's research is focused on Inhibition of Candida filamentation

Thomas C. Scanlon, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Fellow, Griswold Lab, Project 3
Tom's research is focused on development of high throughput alginate degrading screens, and their use for engineering human alginate depolymerases. He also works on development of enzyme based antibiotics for pulmonary infections.

Devin K. Schweppe - Student, Gerber Lab, Project 1
Devin's research is directed towards the roles of Aurora A in non-mitotic functions in lung cancer cells.

The following students are working on Project 4:
Undergraduate Students at Keene State College
Kyle Barnett, Alissa Couturier, Greg Goupil, Ryan Hall, Ben Lazich, Peter Kersker, Dan O' Brien, Anthony Santa Fe, Dustin Sciacca, Mel Sweeney