Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics Course at MDIBL

October 9-14, 2014

The goal of the Applied Bioinformatics Course is to provide hands-on training with major bioinformatics resources while developing a conceptual framework to foster successful application of the bioinformatic skillset to biological research. We will focus on analysis of high throughput sequencing data to identify differentially expressed genes, investigate biological functions, and predict interaction networks. Topics covered include web-based gene and protein resources, genome browsers, DNA and RNA-Seq data analysis using CLC Genomics Workbench and the R statistical computing environment, Ingenuity® pathway analysis, gene set enrichment analyses and machine learning applications.

More information and the current agenda can be found at the course web site. Limited financial aid is available.

Weekly Meeting Schedule


The Lung Biology Weekly Meetings have resumed. Please click here to view the schedule.

5th Annual Integrative Biology Symposium: "Human Microbiome in Health and Disease"

May 1-2, 2013

This year's Integrative Biology Symposium took place at Alumni Hall starting in the evening of May 1st. This was a very exciting symposium on a topic with huge implications for human health. Presenting at the symposium were a variety of invited speakers in addition to an outstanding group of Dartmouth Investigators. Attendance was very good with approximately 200 people taking part in the symposium.