The Program in Politics and Law was founded in 2006 as an avenue for intellectually curious students to conduct research in the areas of law and politics, particularly by applying modern methods of social science to the study of law and lawmaking.  The program funds three primary activities:  (1) student research fellowships for collaborative research with Dartmouth faculty, (2) research projects requiring an investment in equipment, software, or data collection, and (3) prominent guest speakers who visit Dartmouth to discuss their work with faculty and students.


We seek active and engaged students of the College to conduct research with Dartmouth faculty. Interested students should contact a potential faculty collaborator and submit a funding request proposal.  Students in any year at Dartmouth are eligible for funding.  Funds typically pay for work with a Dartmouth faculty member .  Funds are also available for data-gathering activities or travel to conduct research or present work at academic conferences.


The Program in Politics and Law is dedicated to assisting students and faculty who conduct research to broaden our collective understanding of law and political institutions.  By connecting students with world-class professors and research resources, we advance the mission of the College to "prepare students for a lifetime of learning and of responsible leadership."


Faculty members working on questions of law, lawmaking, legal theory, law and economics, law and psychology, or related areas may request funding to support the work of a student collaborator or to fund research activities such as interviews, experiments, or purchasing equipment, data, or software.
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