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Guillermo Gomez Peña's Border Brujo is a performance piece and film about the border exeprience.

Luis Cruz Azaceta's Lotto: American Dream, 1989 suggests that today the only hope for poor people to own their own home is to win lotto.

Jimmie Durhan'sSelf Portrait - a flat, full body nude, a red "skin," a hide or hiding - is a bitter and witty icon displayed on the wall. As though illustrating the dilemma of the "invented Indian," the self portrait is all surface. Durham, who has proudly called himself a "double Red," has branded a red star on his forehead, imprinted his chest and thighs with fish and his ankles with fern. He has seashells for ears, bits of animal hide hair; one turquoise eye is just to show a little "indianness," and the feathers releaved by an open chest cavity imply a certain "light-heartedness." "I have 12 hobbies! 11 house plants! People like my poems," are among the "captions" mapping such landmarks as an appendix scar, and defiantly "large and colorful" genitals.

Yolanda Lopez's Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe series was my way of questioning a very common and potent icon of the ideal woman in Chicano culture. At a time in our history when we were looking to our past historically and culturally I wanted the Guadalupes to prompt a reconsideration of what kinds of new role models Chicanas need, and also to caution against adopting carte blanche anything simply because it is Mexican. By doing portraits of ordinary women - my mother, grandmother, and myself - I wanted to draw attention and pay homage to working-class women, old women, middle-aged over-weight women, young exuberant, self assertive women. Church groups that were offended by the work were absolutely correct. The works are also an attack on the authoritarian, patriarchal Catholic church.

Marina Gutierrez's Isla del Encanto combines archetypal and stereotypical images of Puerto Rico to evoke both historical and contemporary contexts. The visual references range from Taino carving and Goya food product labels to strategic military industrial planning maps.

John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres, Double Dutch
Banana Kelly Double Dutch is an outdoor relief sculpture made in cooperation with a local block association. The piece, which portrays four girls jumping rope, is located in a site that used to be a playground on the outside of the building where the girls lived.

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