Instructor: Professor Doug Moody (Douglas.J.Moody@Dartmouth.EDU)
Phone Number: 646-2922
Office location: 207 Dartmouth Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 2 - 4 pm and by appointment
X-hour: Wednesdays, 3 - 4:15 pm

     What role do the media and the arts play in the formation of ethnic, racial and cultural identities for Latinas/os? How do Latinas/os respond to these representations of themselves through various electronic media and the arts? This class investigates how race, ethnicity, gender and "otherness" are represented in various media and art forms, including: cinema, radio broadcasting, performance art, mural art, museums, and the Internet. We will trace the history of Latinas/os in various media and artistic movements, as well as hold on-line discussions with professionals working in these fields. Students will explore the politics and dynamics of representation by producing their own creative work and sharing it with the Dartmouth community through their final projects.

      Various cultural events and special academic forums will be integrated into the course, including: the Orozco Mural Project and Guillermo Gomez Peña "Orozco Mexoitca" performance, a series of guest lecturers, a Humanities Institute lecture series, and regular on-line discussions with experts in the fields of electronic media and the arts. Overarching all of these intellectual, aestheitc and multimedia experiences will be the interactive and collaborative LATS 41 course website. The MOOndo Latino will be used to facilitate discussions and explore multimedia interfaces, and the Student Project Showcase will present digital representations of the students' final papers and final projects to an audience beyond the classroom walls.

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