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Microscopy Research

Video-enhanced light microscopy
Confocal laser microscopy
ER vesicles from axoplasm Microscope diagram
Diagram of the optical and equipment setup necessary for AVEC-DIC microscopy.
ER vesicles Smooth ER vesicles This images was taken using video-enhanced DIC microscopy. Images on the right were taken with classic Hamamatsu real-time analogue video processing equipment. Images on the left were digitally aquired and digitally processed using an Intel-based CPU and Metamorph software. Top to bottom: no processing, background subtract, contract enhancement.
actin Actin from Clam Egg extract
Filaments of actin stained with fluorescently-tagged antibodies
kinesin/myosin colocalization ImmunoEM Vesicle fraction from squid axoplasmic cells were subjected to gold-bead-conjugated kinesin or myosin V proteins. Small beads are kinesin, larger beads are myosinV
DiOC6-stained vesicles Fluorescently stained ER vesicles Vesicles from extruded axoplasm were stained with the fluorescently labeled ER-specific dye, DiOC6
motility inhibition Antibody motility inhibition An antibody against a short amino acid sequence in the tail of Myosin V was used to inhibit vesicle motility on actin filaments. Kinesin-specific tubulin motility was unaffected
hyphal cells Tubulin and actin fluorescence Tubulin and actin filaments were stained to localize the tracks that the motile filaments follow. In this way one can determine whether kinesin or MyosinV is the predominant motor
em of ER vesicles EM of TEVO Electron micrograph of endoplasmic reticulum vesicles showing the extensive filaments
Protein alignment Protein alignment Alignment of Myosin V proteins from several eukaryotic species

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