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Each member of the lab focuses on a particular topic. As research progresses we seek creative individuals to begin new facets of investigation.
George Langford Dr. Langford is the lab PI and directs the long-term investigations.
Ana DePina Ana previously worked in the lab on motily in clam egg extracts and has recently taken a position in Boston at Children's Hosipital in Molecular Biology. This project is continuing through gene sequencing, biochemistry and more motility assays.
Mary MulCahey Mary completed a biochemical study of the Myosin V motor protein and finished sequence analysis. She has accepted a position at New York Medical School Rochester and continues to study biomedical processes.
Phillip Stafford/SMS Phillip has completed work on the biology of Myosin V and has taken a position with Motorola Life Sciences in computational biology. He is a founder and contributer to, a statistical informatics/software design/database design company.
Jeremiah Brown Jeremiah is a graduate student in CECS at Dartmouth Medical School. He works on molecular and biochemical characterization of Myosin V and Myosin II in addition to maintaining laboratory morale.

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