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Please mail Dr. Langford for permission to use animations or movies for educational purposes. Animations were made using 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Hyperchem, GRASP, and Cambridgesoft's ChemStudio. Movies were made using DIC enhanced contrast video microscopy. Specimens vary but many utilize active axoplasm extruded from the longfin squid giant axon.

Movies are composited using Adobe Premiere
Mpegs were encoded using theXing software encoder
Myosin and Kinesin movie MyoV.mpg (37M) (77M)
MyoV small.avi (42M)
MyoV (26M)

This 4 minute movie shows confocal microscopy of vesicles in an intact axon, tubulin- and actin-based ER vesicle motility, and 2 animated clips showing the predicted structure and activity of both Myosin V and Kinesin. This clip is annotated and contains a royalty-free 16 bit stereo soundtrack composed by a member of the Langford lab.
vesicle motility movies (44M) (18M)
Vesicle-mt1.mpg (23M) (28M)
Vesicle-mt2.mpg (16M)
Vesicle_combo.avi (27M) (18M)
Vesicle_combo.mpg (16M)
Vesicle_sound_large.avi (41M) (29M) (15M)
Vesicle_sound_medium.mpg (6M) (5M)
Vesicle_sound_small.avi (13M)
Vesicular motility is regulated by kinesin and myosin motors attached to the surface of the ER vesicle. This series of movies shows the motion of vesicles on microtubules (slow) and on actin (fast). The movies above are compressed in a variety of formats to retain as much information as possible. Some versions are annotated and others are silent but contain additional animation footage.
confocal vesicle staining confocal.mpg (5M) (4M)
An intact axon stained with DiOC6, a fluorescent dye specific for endoplasmic reticulum vesicles. This series of images was made using laser confocal microscopy and shows the extensive filamentous network of the endoplasmic reticulum in the axon.

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