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Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies
Dartmouth College
122 Silsby Hall
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-18042
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Lisa Baldez, Ph.D.  (Government)
University of California, San Diego
Chair of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies
Field: gender and politics, social movements, women's movements, legislative politics, revolution, Chile and Mexico (603)646-0762
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Lisa Baldez

Rebecca Biron, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)
University of Iowa
Field: Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies, Literary Theory and Gender Studies, Mexican Cultural Criticism
Rebecca.E.Biron@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-2140
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Rebecca Biron

Raúl Bueno, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)
Saint Augustine University, Perú, 1971
Field: Spanish American Literature and Latin American Literary Theory and Cultural Studies
Raul.Bueno@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-2822
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Raul Bueno

John Carey, Ph.D. (Government)
University of California, San Diego, 1994
Field: Comparative Politics, Political Institutions, Elections, Legislative Politics, Latin American Politics (603)646-1130
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John Carey

Mary Coffey, Ph.D. (Art History)
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Field: North American and Latin American Art
Mary Coffey@Dartmouth.EDU, (603) 646-4066
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Mary Coffey

Rodolfo A. Franconi, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)
Vanderbilt University
Field: Luso-Brazilian Literature and Contemporary Latin American Literature
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Rodolfo.A.Franconi@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-1448
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Rodolfo Franconi

Antonio L. Gómez, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese
University of Granada; University of Colorado
Field: Contemporary and Modern 20th Century Spanish Literature, Transatlantic and Film Studies (603) 646-2687
Home page:

Antonio Gomez
Christina Gomez, Ph.D. (LALACS)
University of Chicago, B.A.,
University of Chicago, M.B.A., Harvard University, Ph.D. in Sociology
Field: Ethnic Relations, Inequality/Discrimination, Identity Construction
Christina.Gomez@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-2552
Christina Gomez

Sharlene Mollett, Ph.D. (Geography)
University of Toronto
Field: Human Geography, Race, Land and Property Rights in Central America (603)646-3378
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Sharlene Mollett

Douglas Moody, Ed.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)
University of California, Berkeley
Field: Foreign Language Aquisition, Latino Studies, Technology and Education (603) 646-1450
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Douglas Moody

Lourdes Gutierrez Najera, Ph.D. (Anthropology and LALACS)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Field: Cultural anthropology, Zapotec indigenous politics, Latino transnational migration, U.S.-Mexican Borderlands (603)646-1626
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Deborah L. Nichols, Ph.D. (Anthropology)
Pennsylvannia State University, 1980
Field: Archaeology, ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, U.S. Southwest
Deborah.L.Nichols@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-3033
Home page:

Deborah Nichols

Tanalís Padilla, Ph.D. (History)
University of California, San Diego, 2001
Field: Mexico, agrarian movements, social mobilizations of 20th century. (603) 646-9352
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Tanalis Padilla

Beatriz Pastor, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)
University of Minnesota
Field: Contemporary Latin American Literature and the Literature of the Conquest
Beatriz.Pastor@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-2016
Home page:

Beatriz Pastor

Israel Reyes, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)
University of Iowa
Field: Latino Studies
Israel.Reyes@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-3246
Home page:

Israel Reyes

Silvia D. Spitta, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)
University of Oregon
Field: Twentieth Century Latin American Literature
Silvia.D.Spitta@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-3715
Home page:

Silvia Spitta

Sam Vasquez, Ph.D. (English)
Rutgers University
Field: African American, Caribbean and other Black diasporic literatures.
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Keith L. Walker, Ph. D. (French and Italian)
Princeton University, 1977, Romance Languages
Field: 19th and 20th Century French Literature; the intersection of French and Francophone literary cultures with a focus on the
vision and legacy of the literary generation of the Martinican writer, theoretician and political figure Aime Cesaire.
Keith.L.Walker@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-2409
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Richard Wright, Ph.D. (Geography)
Indiana University, 1985
Field: Immigration and Labor markets in the United States, Immigration, racism and nativism
Richard.A.Wright@Dartmouth.EDU (603) 646-3523
Home page:

Richard Wright

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