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Using Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies After Dartmouth

LALACS majors have used their skills in many different ways after graduation. Increasing numbers of them have gone on to work in business, education, and consulting--in both South America and the United States--in the fields of banking, investment, law, and various governmental and non-governmental agencies. Some have enrolled in graduate international study programs, often immediately after graduation, and others have entered the teaching profession after receiving advanced degrees, teaching in Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, Anchorage, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

Negarra Kudumu, Class of 2001 wrote in reference to, "Tell us about your life today." " Since April of 2009 I have been living and working in The Netherlands at a research institute called HiiL(Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law). In a very basic way my LALACS major coupled with studying Spanish and Portuguese has equipped me with a broader tool kit for relating to and understanding the world. Because of LALACS interdisciplinary nature, I often find myself drawing upon that knowledge base to see how well-or not- it applies to other historical and cultural concepts.

Professionally it has been the language skills, I acquired in connection with my LALACS major that have served me best. I have had the opportunity in two professional roles to use regularly Spanish and Portuguese. Additionally due to the strength of my Portuguese even though its been eleven years since I first learned the language I have been able, with relative ease to learn French. It was via LALACS that my love for the languages of the region blossomed and this passion is what helped me to succeed in the study of these tongues which I still use to this very day."

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