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Are you interested in living in La Casa? Do you want to practice your Spanish or Portuguese? Are you interested in Iberian, Hispanic or Lusophone cultures? Returning from an LSA or FSP? Want to get ready to travel abroad?

TO APPLY: please fill out this form.
Trimester Deadline for application
Winter '11 Oct. 20, 2010
Spring '11 Feb. 1st, 2011
Summer '11 Not open during summer
Fall '11 April 13th, 2011
    Resident responsibilities:

  • Speak Spanish or Portuguese in the house.
  • Attend weekly dinners.
  • Co-plan 2 dinners per term.
  • Attend 5 to 6 official events each term.
  • Co-plan one event each term.
  • Be enthusiastic, cooperative and respectful!
Don't know if you meet the requirements?

The following will be taken into consideration in the application process:
  • Fluency in Spanish or Portuguese (minimum Spanish 3, Portuguese 1 or an equal level of fluency). An oral interview may be required during the application process.
  • Availability to dedicated 4 hours a week for La Casa activities.
  • Academic interest in Spanish or Portuguese (it is not necessary that you be a major or a minor in Spanish/Portuguese to be considered, but majors/minors receive preference in the application process).
  • Class (ORL policy does not permit first year students to live in La Casa, if the qualifications of two candidates are judged to be equal, seniors are given preference).
  • Date of application (if the qualifications of two candidates are judged to be equal, preference will be given to the earlier applicant).
  • Standing in La Casa (residents in good standing are given preference in the selection process).
Still have questions?

Read the FAQs and contact Amber Gode (lacasa (at) dartmouth.edu), the Resident Faculty Advisor, with questions or problems.