Things to do, places to go...

citizens of oz If I'm not home or at work, chances are I'm at dancers' corner. I take adult jazz, ballet and tap classes. Dance keeps me sane, literally; I get slightly crazed when the studio is closed for vacations, school breaks, etc. It simultaneously feeds the need for creativity and for exercise; it's a tonic for the body and the soul.
Another favorite thing to do is to hit the road for a vacation. Geoff and I love to travel, on our own, or with family or friends. Our vacation photos are available for those inclined. Recent destinations include Cancun (an annual event until we get sick of it), London, Quebec City, San Francisco and Las Vegas. We also enjoy somewhat more local roadtrips to places like Boston, Middletown NY (where Kelly and Paul live), Lake George and New York City. The list of places we want to visit someday would probably exceed my allotment of disk space, so I won't even try.
Interior Design
After ten years of home ownership, it's time for a new paint job, new floors and probably some new furniture. We are hardly die-hard do-it-yourselfers -- our idea of home improvement is usually to call the HOA maintenance service -- but lately we've been hanging shelves and thinking about paint colors. I also created a series of paintings inspired by New York City (Geoff's hometown) for one of our enormous, empty patches of wall. I'm pretty happy with how they came out! (Original concept is inset.)
If it's a Saturday in the fall, it's likely I'm at a Dartmouth football game. I've missed something like seven games total since 1987. Geoff and I also follow the NFL. Our favorite teams are (in no particular order) the Patriots, Panthers, Buccaneers and Raiders. If you're knowledgeable enough about American professional football to wonder whether these allegiances aren't mutually exclusive, yes, it would seem that, these days, they should be. Our only explanation is that, when these loyalties were formed, at least 3 of the 4 *ahem* weren't competitive, and realignment hadn't ensured that at least two of them would play each other twice a year.