Everything you might want to know about me...
I was born in Boulder, Colorado and grew up in Newport Beach, California on a houseboat that was usually seaworthy (below). When I lived there, no one called it "the O.C.," and having done a survey of my friends that still live there, I can assure you that no one calls it that now. It's like referring to San Francisco as "Frisco": really irritating. But I digress. My genealogy, going back some number of generations, is maintained by my husband Geoff (pictured with the adorable Lula, who belonged to our friends Lissie and Nik). My other web-enabled family includes my mom Linda and my sister Kelly (who has two sites, a personal one and a business one). Our cats Panzer and Rufus have passed away, sadly, but they can still be seen in their online photo album.

Geoff Panzer & Rufus Mom, Paul & Kelly Orion Pilot

I went to Newport Harbor High School, and after graduating in 1987, I moved to New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth College (Class of 1991), where I met Geoff, joined Alpha Theta Coed Fraternity, and generally had a fabulous time.

Since shortly after graduation, I have worked at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. Along the way I also got a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree. My curriculum vitae is tiny, but if for some bizarre reason you want to look at it, feel free. Alas, making maps and figures doesn't usually warrant an author credit. Since I couldn't get enough of the coed fraternal organization thing, I also became a Fellow in the Fraternal Order of Moai. I'm sure there are other semi-interesting biographical facts I could list here, but they aren't springing to mind.