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Peter Jes Kohler

PhD-student in Cognitive Neuroscience (2008-)
Exchange visit at Dartmouth College (2007-2008)
Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen BA in Psychology (2004-2007)


Lab phone: 603-646-6476
Email: Peter.Kohler [at] dartmouth [dot] edu
Curriculum Vitae
Personal Blog: TheBrainRocks

Past Collaborators

The Unit for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen
Anders Colding Joergensen


With my advisor Peter U. Tse I work on mapping out the cognitive and neural bases of a number of aspects of visual perception and consciousness. My research so far has focused on the visual perception of form and motion, and how these two types of information interact with each other, as well as more higher level aspects of visual consciousness and representation. I am fascinated by the question of how the visual system disambiguate the inherently ambigious two-dimensional pattern of light that hits the retina, and how our rich meaningful and coherent three-dimensional perception of the visual scene come to be. I believe that the visual system must construct this scene, based on a number of assumptions. One of the goals of my research is to understand these assumptions, and to understand the neuronal circuits that could realize these constructive processes.


align boxKohler, P.J., Fogelson, S.V. Reavis, E.A., Meng, M., Guntupalli, J.S., Hanke, M., Halchenko, Y.O., Connolly, A.C., Haxby, J.V. & Tse, P.U. (2013). Pattern classification precedes regional-average hemodynamic response in early visual cortex. In NeuroImage 78 (249–260).

align box Reavis, E.A., Kohler, P.J., Caplovitz, C.P., Wheatley, T. & Tse, P.U. (2013). Effects of attention on visual experience during monocular rivalry. In Vision Research 83 (76-81).

align box Parkinson, C., Kohler, P.J., Sievers, B. & Wheatley, T. (2012). Associations between auditory pitch and visual elevation do not depend on language: Evidence from a remote population. Perception, 47(7) (854-861).

align box Porter, K.B., Caplovitz, G.P., Kohler, P.J., Ackerman, C.M. & Tse, P.U. (2011). Rotational and translational motion interact independently with form. Vision Research, 51 (2478-2487).

align box Kohler, P.J., Caplovitz, G.P., Hsieh, P.-J., Sun, J., & Tse, P.U. (2010). Motion fading is driven by perceived, not actual angular velocity. In Vision Research, 50 (1086–1094).

align box Kohler, P.J., Caplovitz, G.P. & Tse, P.U. (2009). The whole moves less than the spin of its parts. In Attention, Perception & Psychophysics 71 (4) (675-679).

align box Mala, H., Castro, M.R., Knippel, J., Kohler, P.J., Lassen, P. & Mogensen, J. (2008). Therapeutic effects of a restraint procedure on posttraumatic place learning in fimbria-fornix transected rats. In Brain Research 1217 (221-231).


align box Kohler, P.J., Harder, L.H., & Tse, P.U. The influence of local and global motion on perceived position. Poster at Vision Sciences Society 2013, Naples, FL.

align box Kohler, P.J., Cavanagh, C.E.P., & Tse, P.U. The influence of motion integration on shifts in perceived position. Poster at European Conference on Visual Perception 2012, Alghero, Italy. 1. Demo video showing the effects. 2. Feature on New Scientist Blog. 3. Feature on's "Illusion der Woche".

Kohler, P.J., Caplovitz, G.P., Fogelson, S.F., & Tse, P.U. Neural correlates of perceptually bistable motion-based grouping. Talk at Vision Sciences Society 2012, Naples, FL.

align box Kohler, P.J., Fogelson, S.F., Reavis, E.A., & Tse, P.U. The neural basis of lightness constancy in the visual system. Poster at Vision Sciences Society 2011, Naples, FL.

align box Kohler, P.J., Zafer, M., Reavis, E.A., & Tse, P.U. The Ebbinghaus illusion requires consciousness of the inducers. Poster at Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness 14, Toronto, Canada.

align box Kohler, P.J., Fogelson, S.V., Reavis E.A., Guntupalli, J.S. & Tse, P.U. The Relationship Between Multivariate Pattern Classification Accuracy and Hemodynamic Response Level in Visual Cortical Areas. Poster at Vision Sciences Society 2010, Naples, FL.

align box Kohler, P.J., Caplovitz, G.P. & Tse, P.U. The whole moves less than the spin of its parts. Poster at Vision Sciences Society 2009, Naples, FL.

Some interesting demos

Perceptual grouping and speed processing

Original Stimulus by Anstis (2003). Fullscreen. Demonstration of slowdown effect (Kohler et al. 2009). Fullscreen.
Slowdown in the absence of rotation. Fullscreen. Slowdown when global percept increases number of elements. Fullscreen.


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