The Brothers Karamazov

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Rakitin in the Woods

Bah!  I’m so sick of these Karamazovs.  You should have seen the show they put on back  there.  The buffoon father was trying on one role after the other.  He couldn’t make up his mind whom he most wanted to offend.  And Ivan, that arrogant ass.  What nonsense he talked – and each idea contradicting the next!  And Dmitri – he’s rotting with debauchery and stinks of parracide.  He’ll be murdering the old man any day now.  But the one who makes me sickest of all is Alyosha.  Do you know that he admitted to me that he, too, had thoughts of killing his father?  Not that he has the courage to murder the old man himself, you understand.  But he sees the murder in Dmitri’s eyes.  Will he stop it?  Does he want to stop it?  Despite his robes and his holy airs, isn’t he a Karamazov, like the others?

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