The Brothers Karamazov

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The Fashionable Ladies

The fashionable ladies ignore you when you approach.  They are too intent in their examination of their magazine to pay you any mind.  Feeling a little injured, you push your way to the heart of their circle to discover that they are looking at the very first installment of Brothers Karamazov in Russkii Vestnik (The Russian Herald) in January, 1879.


(Publishing History:  Brothers Karamazov appeared in installments in Russkii Vestnik from January 1879 through November 1880.  Dostoevsky wrote the novel as it was being published, sometimes turning in chapters to his editor just before his publication deadline.  While he was writing the novel, Dostoevsky read his work-in-progress to various literary circles.  The readings were very well received.  What do you think about this model of composing?  How do you think it affected the novel as a whole?)

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