The Brothers Karamazov

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Gossip Number One

The Karamazovs.  Now there’s a fine bunch.  Not a single authentic soul in the whole family.  The father was always making a fuss, exaggerating every insult, every caprice, so that he was always making some drama or other.  The oldest son, Dmitri, isn’t much better: he takes the slightest prickle of lust or longing and inflates it into his heart’s desire.  The middle one, Ivan, he seems above all of that, but he’s not.  He’s the same beast as the rest of them, but he puffs himself up and postures as an intellectual so that no one knows what really lurks in his nasty soul.  And Alyosha – he might be worst of all!  A Karamazov dressed up in a monk’s dress!  Bah!  Like I said, not an authentic soul in the whole bunch.  What’s the point of all this playacting?

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