The Brothers Karamazov

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Official #5

I was struck by Dmitri’s dream. (507 – 508).  From that dream, a new man arose.  He said, “Gentlemen, we are all cruel, we are all monsters, we all make people weep, mothers and nursing babies, but of all – let it be settled here and now – of all, I am the lowest vermin!  So be it! Everyday of my life I’ve been beating my breast and promising to reform, and everyday I’ve done the same vile things.  I understand now that for men such as I a blow is needed, a blow of fate, to catch them as with a noose and bind them by an external force.  Never, never would I have risen by myself!  But the thunder has struck.  I accept the torment of accusation and of my disgrace before all. I want to sure and be purified by suffering!  And perhaps I will be purified, eh, gentlemen?  But hear me, all the same, for the last time:  I am not guilty of my father’s blood!  I accept punishment not because I killed him, but because I wanted to kill him, and might well have killed him…But even so I intend to fight you, and I am letting you know it.  I will fight you to the very end, and then let God decide!”  (509). Guilty or not, here is a resurrected Dmitri.   Can we judge a man who has been resurrected?  Isn’t that the power of resurrection:  that the former man, with all his crimes, exists no more?

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