The Brothers Karamazov

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Gypsy #1

I’m fond of Dmitri – he was always generous with his money, giving it away the moment it fell into his hands.  But it was money that did him in at the end.  He so desperately wanted the rubles to whisk his lady off to a new life.  I hear that he humiliated himself, traveling from one rich person to the next, begging for cash. And they made a fool of him!  First the old man, Grusha’s patron, sends him on a wild goose chase.  And then Madame K tells him to go and find salvation in the mines.  But what did he expect from them?  Poor Dmitri was trying to buy his salvation from the rich. And the rich can’t save anyone, not even themselves.  As the Bible says, a rich man can’t enter the kingdom of heaven.  The meek shall inherit.  And all that jazz.  Tell me, why is it that money and salvation don’t mix?

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