The Brothers Karamazov

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Varvara, you are unkind. We are broken in our fortunes, but not in our spirits.  You mustn’t let the anger eat you as it is eating our Ilyushka.  He is angry at papa, and his anger –not our poverty –  is the cause of all his troubles.  You know what it cost Ilyushka to kneel to Dmitri Karamazov.  You know that he doesn’t understand why papa would stand by, while he himself knelt and pleaded.  You saw how he looked at Papa all night – always sideways, and with contempt in his eyes.   But he can’t be angry with papa, because he loves him.  And that love is his blessing and his curse.  Because he loves Papa he can’t see that Papa is wrong – and so he finds fault with the world.  And perhaps he should find fault with the world – because the way the world treats us, the poor and the weak – it’s unjust and cruel.  But Varvara, if we allow ourselves to be bitter and angry, well then, don’t you think that injustice has won?  And if we hang onto our love for each other, then haven’t we defeated the cruelty, and saved the poor world, and all its injured ones?

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