The Brothers Karamazov

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Can you believe the arrogance of Katerina Ivanova?  Did you hear what she said?  (Tanya sits up very tall and puts on the airs of Katya, using her voice precisely.)  “And when he becomes unhappy with that woman, and he certainly will and very soon, then let him come to me and he will find a friend, a sister… Only a sister, of course, and that will be so forever, but he will finally be convinced that this sister really is his loving sister, who has sacrificed her whole life for him.  I will do it.  I will insist that he finally know me and tell me everything without being ashamed!… I will be his god, to whom he shall pray…” (188).  “Poor Dmitri!  She wants to be a god to him, not to love and forgive him, but to rule him!  Heaven help the poor man!”

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