The Brothers Karamazov

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I’m impressed with Karamazov!  Did you see how he dealt with Ilyushka?  Like some modern-day Christ!  Did you hear how he admonished us? Telling us not to cast the first stone?  And then, when Ilyuschka bit his finger!  The little squirt sunk his teeth in and held on for, like, ten seconds!  But Karamazov didn’t strike back, he just stood there, quietly, for what seemed like forever, and turned the other cheek.  I’m telling you, there’s something brilliant about this Karamazov – even if he does run around in a skirt! I don’t believe in his God – you all know that.  But he’s given me reason to think.  Maybe there is some terrible power in this business about turning the other cheek.  Maybe it’s not the persecutor who truly dominates; maybe it’s the persecuted, the martyr, whose power is real and lasting?

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