The Brothers Karamazov

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Dark Girl

But how can you admire him?  You heard his story about that poor institute girl, Katya.  How she loves  him!  To tell him that she will be his furniture, the rug he walks on… that she wants to love him eternally, and to save him from himself” (116). Listen, I know one of the girls who serves in the house where this Katya is staying.  And she overheard Katya declaring, “I set myself only one goal in all of this:  that he should know who to turn back to, and who is his most faithful friend… Let him be ashamed before everyone and before himself, but let him not be ashamed before me.  To God he says everything without being ashamed.  Why, then, does he still not know how much I can endure for him? … I want to save him forever” (147).  Such a pure love!  Such a generous, unflinching, Christian love!  And what does he do?  He spits on that love, and runs off with that… common woman.  With curves.  What’s so heroic about that?  His heroism is nothing compared to a love like Katya’s.

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