The Brothers Karamazov

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Doctor #5

Ivan’s problem is not so difficult as all of that.  He simply wants to kill the God in man, so as to transform this world into paradise and make himself free of constraining morality.  Listen to what his devil said:  “Once mankind has renounced God…then the entire old world view will fall of itself, without anthropophagy, and, above all, the entire former morality, and everything will be new.  People will come together in order to take from life all that it can give, but, of course, for happiness and joy in this world only.  Man will be exalted with the spirit of divine, titanic pride, and the man-god will appear.  Man, his will and science no longer limited, conquering nature every hour, will thereby every hour experience such lofty delight as will replace for him all his former hopes of heavenly delight.  Each will know himself utterly mortal, without resurrection, and will accept death proudly and calmly, like a god” (648 – 649).


Gentlemen!  Ivan imagines his devil in order to free himself from his morality, so that he might assume the position of a man-god.  Do you not agree?

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