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The Last Vaudevillian: On the Road with Travelogue Filmmaker John Holod (1998)

At 45 years of age, John Holod still has trouble explaining what he does for a living. He is a film lecturer. He narrates 16mm travelogues in concert halls, universities, and clubs across North America. The Last Vaudevillian follows Holod as he presents Cuba at the Crossroads on tour from New York to Florida. On the road non-stop, Holod gives over 125 performances annually. He is an independent filmmaker par excellence -- he has produced, directed, shot, edited, narrated, and distributed six feature travelogues. After a few years lecturing, tired of motels and roadside restaurants, Holod bought a motor home. He now lives and tours in this mobile home -- an $80,000 vehicle with satellite TV, global positioning system, computer, films, videos, projectors, and tuxedos. Though he leads a solitary life on the road, Holod still manages to visit with friends throughout the United States; they call him "a trucker with a movie" because he drives over 50,000 miles a year showing his travelogues.Through the life and work of John Holod, and those of the people he encounters on tour, The Last Vaudevillian explores the special charms of live film presentations and the curious combination of entertainment and education that travelogues provide.

American Studies International (p. 97)

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