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Forty Days Across America: Kiyooka Eiichi's 1927 Travelogues (1990)

This documentary showcases the amateur film shot by a young Japanese man who traveled across the United States in a Model-T Ford in 1927. Shot in the summer of 1989, Forty Days Across America features interviews with Mr. Kiyooka --the grandson of Fukuzawa Yukichi and translator of The Autobiography of Fukuzawa -- sixty-two years after his cross-country voyage. Kiyooka's travelogues combine elements of individual interests, standard tourist iconography, and an outsider's perspective to present a personal vision of the American landscape, a landscape transformed and dominated by the ubiquitous automobile. Forty Days Across America provides traces of an earlier way of life, a moment when cameras and cars, standardized products of mass production, were used to create a popular image of America.

Fixing the Model T Ford
Scenes from the Road
Picnicking in the Open Air
Breakfast on the Rio Grande

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