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Selected Works

Introduction to Data Analysis: The Rules of Evidence
  -  A separate introduction to the text can be found here.

Exceptions are the Rule: An Inquiry into Methods in the Social Sciences
     Westview Press, 1993

Prediction and Destruction of Real-World Networks
     NAACSOS, 2003

"Data Without Variables,"
     Journal of Mathematical Sociology, V23(3), 2001

"We Can Count, But What do the Numbers Mean?"
  -  ISA/ASA August '97 for International Sociological Association "Millennium Papers"
  -  Sociology for the Twenty-First Century: Continuities and Cutting Edges
     Janet Abu-Lughod (Ed.), International Sociological Association
     University of Chicago Press, 1999

"The Network of Corporate Interlocks in the United States: An Overview"
     ASA Conference Paper, 1977

"The Sphere of Influence"
     American Sociological Review, V37(1), 1972