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Jewish Studies Program
6220 Reed Hall, Room 201
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
Telephone: (603) 646-0475

Program Chair
Ehud Benor
316 Thornton Hall
Telephone: (603) 646-1313


Thérèse Perin-Deville



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Susan Ackerman

Susan Ackerman

Preston H. Kelsey Professor of Religion
Chair, Religion Department


  • Ph.D, Harvard University

Jewish Studies Courses Taught

Susan Ackerman (Religion Department) teaches courses that focus on the Bible and the other cultures of the biblical world. Of particular interest to Jewish Studies students are:

  • JWST 04/REL 4: The Religion of Israel: The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
  • JWST 80/REL 80: Archaeology and the Bible

Her most recent book is Warrior, Dancer, Seductress, Queen: Women in Judges and Biblical Israel (New York: Doubleday, 1998).

Last Updated: 6/12/14