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Jewish Studies Program
6220 Reed Hall, Room 201
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
Telephone: (603) 646-0475

Program Chair
Ehud Benor
316 Thornton Hall
Telephone: (603) 646-1313


Thérèse Perin-Deville



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Jewish Studies 37

The Holocaust

Offered: 03S: 12; 04W: 2A; 04S: 12

Each offering of this course examines a specific topic related to the Holocaust.

In 03S and 04S at 12, History of the Holocaust (Identical to History 6.3). The focus of this course will be on the history of the murder of European Jews and the destruction of European Judaism at the hands of the Nazis. After surveying the history of racism in European society from the 18th to 20th century, the course investigates, from perspectives of history, psychology, literature, philosophy, and religion, how bureaucracy could exterminate six million Jews. Dist: PHR; WCult: EU. Heschel

In 04W at 2A, Representing the Holocaust: History, Memory and Survival (Identical to History 58 and Comparative Literature 64). Half a century later, the Holocaust remains one of the most traumatic events of modern Western experience. The struggle between the desire to forget, and the impulse to remember and record, has engendered a crisis of writing in the face of the unrepresentable. This course explores responses to the Holocaust in historical documents, testimonies, memoirs, fictions, and cinematic and visual images. Authors include Levi, Friedlander, Duras, Delbo, Lanzmann, Ophuls, Celan, Fink, Grossman, Arendt, Spiegelman. Dist: INT; WCult: EU. Satisfies the Interdisciplinary requirement. Hirsch, Spitzer

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