PRODUCT REVIEW - Eagle Sport Rollerskis
By Rob Walsh

This article is intended to provide information to readers who are trying to decide what equipment is right for them. Unlike some of the larger magazine product reviews, I did not go out and try every make and model for the new season. Instead, I took the opportunities that were provided me and have written my report. I welcome additional input on these or other products.

This year I have tried out two new models of rollerskis: the V2 Aero combi ski, and the Eagle Sport rollerskis. This review covers the Eagle Sport skis.

Eagle Sport rollerskis come from Holland. Believe it or not, in Europe rollerskiing is almost a sport of its own. There are national rollerski teams and a circuit of rollerski races with prize money and everything! Because rollerskiing is not just a training activity in Europe, the Eagle Sport rollerskis are not just built for training. These skis have the capacity to go fast, but there are other options. By switching the hard polyurethane wheels for softer rubber wheels you can significantly reduce the speed. You can even ix the two types (front and back) and get a moderately quick ski.

The Eagle Sport classic model is just that - classic. It has a medium length shaft with a wheel on each end. No bells or whistles, just go out and ski. The skis are not designed to have speed reducers, but Jamie suggests that the model could be fitted with them if desired. The polyurethane wheel has a sharper edge on it and rides differently from a rubber wheel. If you were to decide to mix the two wheel types, I would recommend trying the harder wheel in the back so the ratcheted wheel will last longer. Overall, the skis perform pretty well.

There is also a skating model made by Eagle Sport, called the Rabbit. This is a really quick ski, which can be slowed somewhat by switching wheels (but it is still not at all slow). The Rabbit would be what you would want if you were racing someone up the Mt. Washington auto road.

The best thing about the Eagle port skis are the price. They are distributed by Jamie Hess (jamie@nordicskater.com) who gets them directly from Europe. This cuts down on some of the overhead costs you would normally see. So if you are on a tight budget and need a pair of basic rollerskis, these may be worth a look.