The articles featured below are meant to be informative to those interested in nordic skiing. They could range from trip reports, current analysis/ editorial of the sport today, or waxing and technique guides. Some are reprinted with permission from the New Englan Nordic News newsletter. Others are contributed by UVNC members.

Book Review of Long Distance: A Year of Living Strenuously - by J.T. Horn

ROLLERSKI REVIEWS - V2 AERO - Eagle Sport - By Rob Walsh

Rollerski Season - By Pete Vordenberg

A Brief History of the UVNC - By Rob Walsh

How to Store Your Skis For The Summer - By Pete Vordenberg

Prepping Your Skis For The Winter - courtesy of the Factory Team

Defining the Wax Pocket - By Jim Galanes (from NENN) - part 1 in a series

Evaluating Conditions for Waxing - By Jim Galanes (from NENN) - part 2 in a series

Applying Waxes - By Jim Galanes (from NENN) - part 3 in a series

Applying Waxes - Klister - By Jim Galanes (from NENN) - part 4 in a series

Ski Base Prep - By Jim Galanes (from NENN)

Other Kinds of XC Ski Competitions - by Ulrich Wenger

You Need to be Kneaded: The benefits of sportsmassage