Spring, 1998
Instructor: James Dorsey

This course is designed to familiarize beginning Japanese students with written texts of various types. The class will be conducted entirely in Japanese, with the class sessions, homework assignments, and projects all centered around improving understanding of a particular written text. While vocabulary and kanji not included in the Japanese 1, 2, 3 series will inevitably come into play, the instructor will attempt to keep the memorization of such to a minimum. In place of this, students will be required to actively engage the texts, employing their general knowledge of the Japanese language, their common sense, and their imagination in the extraction of meaning.
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James Dorsey
Room 304, Bartlett Hall
Office hour:
Wednesday/Thursday 1:00~2:00
(603) 643-1346

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Students are encouraged, but not required, to purchase a "kan-ei jiten"(Character-English dictionary), a limited number of which are available at the Dartmouth Bookstore. For those unable or unwilling to purchase one of these, a copy of Nelson's Japanese-English Character Dictionary is kept in the library/reading room on the third floor of Bartlett Hall. A packet of readings will be distributed for copying on the first day of classes. Included are:

"Koshikake benki no
"How to Use a Western Style Lavatory"
Instructions psted in the Bullet Train running between Tokyo and Nagoya
"Academy-shou nomineeto" "Academy Award Nominations"
Newspaper article
"Misutaa Poo" (Barentaindei manga) "Mr. Poe: A Valentine's Day Comic"
(Short newspaper comic)
Tanimura Shuntarou no Sakuhin
  • Hadaka kara
    • Sayonara
    • Mukashi Mukashi
    • Otoosan
    • Okaasan
    • Yoru
  • Sonota
    • Ryokooka
    • Ekiin
    • Fuufu
    • Buchoo
  • Works by the poet Tanikawa Shuntaro
  • From Naked
    • "Goodbye"
    • "Long, Long Ago"
    • "Dad"
    • "Mom"
    • "Nightime"
  • Various
    • "The Traveller"
    • "The StationMan"
    • "The Couple"
    • "The Section Chief"
  • Tawara Machi no sakuhin
    • Sarada Kinennbi kara no Tanka
    • "Shujin ni tsuite"
    • "Taiken no yorokobi"
    Works by the poet Tawara Machi
    • Poems from Salad Anniversary
    • "On the Word 'Shujin'"
    • The Joys of Personal Experience"
    Atoda Takashi, "Wakare no Asa"
    [nakazuri shousetsu]
    Atoda Takashi, "Farewell in the a.m."
    [a short story for commuters]