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Search and Rescue:

SAR Training Associates (SARTA). Ground Search and Rescue Techniques.1989 (3rd ed) 210 pgs paperback.

The GSAR book has been adopted by the state of Virginia for training field teams. It is a fairly comprehensive, well written text that is highly recommended as an intro text to SAR. It covers all the major topics thoroughly, and includes a fair amount of material related to SAR missions concerning downed aircraft. It is also the least expensive SAR instructional book available. ($19.75 from Search Equipment Company 1-800-473-4901)

D. Cooper, P. LaValla, and R. Stoffel. Search and Rescue Fundamentals 1993 (3rd ed). Emergency Response Institute

P. LaValla, R. Stoffel, and A. Jones Search is an Emergency: A Text for Managing Search Operations. 1995 (4th ed) Emergency Response Institute

The above two sources are considered the "gold standard" of SAR texts. They are in a loose-leaf format, are about 350+ pages each, and are available for about $30 each from (yes, you can order these through the Dartmouth Bookstore): Emergency Response Institute (ERI) 4537 Foxhall Dr, N.E. Olympia, WA 98506 (206) 491-7785 or (509) 782-4832 ERI supplies many other SAR and emergency related texts (and courses)

P. LaValla and R. Stoffel Search is an Emergency: A Mini-version of the Text Search is an Emergency 1987 (2nd ed) 152p

A summary version of the Search is an Emergency Text, it is an absolutely excellent review of relevant materials to overall search management.)

T. Setnika. Wilderness Search and Rescue. 1980 Appalachian Mountain Club. 600+ pages Hardcover only.

The above text, although a little dated now, is often referred to as the "SAR Bible" and is filled with useful information.

Low/High Angle Rescue:

James Frank and Jerrold Smith. CMC Rope Rescue Manual. 1992 (2nd ed) 176p.

The "standard" text for rope rescue, written by the CMC Rescue - "the" authority of rope rescue training.

Tom Vines and Steve Hudson. High Angle Rescue Techniques: A Student Guide for Rope Rescue Classes. 1992 (2nd ed) 252p. Publisheed by the National Association for Search and Rescue.

Vertical Section National Speleological Society On Rope: North American Vertical Rope Techniques. 1989 (3rd ed.) 340p Excellent text. New Edition forthcoming.


Essential Wilderness Navigator

How to be an Expert with Map & Compass

Wilderness Medicine:

Hubbell and Tilton. Medicine for the Backcountry (2nd Ed.)

A wonderful, easy to understand approach to wilderness first aid. Highly recommended for all.

Wilkerson. Medicine for Mountaineering. The Mountaineers.

Another excellent wilderness medical text, more comprehensive than Hubbell and Tilton's work.

Auerbach, Paul Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies

THE text on wilderness medicine. Written to the M.D. level.

Training Organizations



National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR)

4500 Southgate Place
Suite 100
Chantilly, VA 20151-1714
Phone: (703) 222-6277
Fax: (703) 222-6283
Email: nasar@nasar.org

National organization that serves as a network for SAR resources. Membership benifits include journal subscriptions to Rescue and Response. Runs professional SAR courses. Overall costs may be more than benefits.


PO Box 3150
Conway, NH 03818

Phone: (603) 447-6711
Fax: (603) 447-2310
E-Mail: solo@stonehearth.com

Source of training for WEMT and WFR certifications. Extrememely professional, this is an excellent organization through which to receive training. Also teaches High Angle/Ropes Rescue.

Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA)

RFD 2 Box 890
Bryant Pond, ME 04219
Phone: (888) 945-3633
E-Mail: office@wildmed.com

Mainly a source for WEMT, WFR, and other wilderness medical certifications. Similar to SOLO in quality.

North American Rescue Institute

PO Box 3150
Conway, NH 03818
Phone: (603) 447-6711

Essentially another branch of SOLO (see above)

Wilderness Emergency Services Institute (WEMSI)

Center for Emergency Medicine
Office of Education
230 McKee Place, Suite 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-4904
Phone: (412) 578-3203

A source of SAR and WEMT training, this organization provides training from a different view than SOLO or WMA - It's focus is how to respond to an backcountry incident as part of an organized emergency response. Focuses on ALS. Excellent program.

Rescue 3 International

PO Box 519
Elk Grove, CA 95759-0519
Phone: 800-45-RESCUE
Phone: 916-685-3066
FAX: 916-685-6969
E-Mail: info@rescue3.com

A source of SAR & WEMT training, organization's forte is water rescue. Excellent programs, reasonable cost.

Emergency Response Institute

4537 Foxhall Drive NE
Olympia, WA 98516
Phone: 360-491-7785
Phone: 509-782-4832
Fax: 360-493-0949

Major source of Emergency/Disaster Pre-hospital Training/Information. Best bookstore resources. No experience with training programs.

Appalachian Mountain Club

5 Joy Street
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: (617) 523-0636
Fax: (617) 523-0722

Major source of Emergency/Disaster Pre-hospital Training/Information. Best bookstore resources. No experience with training programs.