None Like You

I’ve been with a lot of women before, but none like you. You’re the smartest, funniest, most charming and beautiful person I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen so many. Trust…


Sit Down, Shut Up, This Is the Hazing Seminar

Alright everyone, sit down and shut up. You are not allowed to leave this meeting. I am running it. You will listen. This is the seminar on hazing. You will…


I Think My Boyfriend Is An Alien Tasked With Shepherding the Human Race to the Next Step in Its Evolution

Hey, Liz. Thanks for coming on short notice. I know I can lay my guy problems on you pretty thick, but this time it’s serious. This time I really like…

Soldier Writing Letter Home

Letters From the War

December 27th, 1944 Dearest Laura, I have not seen you for four months now. I miss you dearly and hope to see you as soon as possible. The war rages…


5 Ways To A Man’s Heart

1) Go to med school, complete your residency, and perform open heart surgery 2) Don’t go to med school, perform open heart surgery, get arrested, go to prison (and potentially…


The Cruis’n Exotica Experience

Welcome everyone to the thirteenth annual Cruis’n Exotica Worldwide Tour! It’s been over a decade since the legendary third Cruis’n racing game first took you to exotic locales around the…


New Commemorative Coins

The US Mint charged The Jack-O-Lantern, young creatives at a school that knows from money, with designing its next line of special edition quarters. Here’s what we whipped up. -Matt…