The Meal Plan Diaries

December 21st, 2012, 8:56 PM After running the analytics for the fourth time, it’s settled: I’m opting for the 10. Sure, I sacrifice several coffees per week. It’s worth it…


Online Love

Dear Diary, Today is finally the big day. Today I meet the girl of my dreams. For six months now we’ve been talking to each other online. It seems like…

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Today’s TV Lineup

  FEATURED SHOW – Exotic Dancing With the Stars: Celebrities are paired with professional strippers to see how their lives would have been had they dropped out of acting school….

10 Songs Glee Should Totally Cover

After months of debate and deliberation, we’re finally ready to debut our list of songs that would benefit from the trademark Glee treatment: 4 1/2 Minutes of Will.I.Am Having A…

How To Win Pinterest

Within the next five years, find a man. He will be some form of Ryan Reynolds. You will woo him by leaving storybooks of your relationship, coupons for a toenail…

Hey Guys, I Think I’m Going to Join a Business Plan Contest!

DisAppointment: A digital calendar that randomly mixes up your appointments, so you’re always in the wrong place and your loved ones and coworkers are constantly saddened The Death Wristwatch: A…


Officer, I am innocent. The reason there are bits and pieces of human remains in my backpack and some others found in my room is very simple. It was the…

pen pal

Pen Pals With Benefits

Why ruin a close friendship with sex when you can just as easily ruin a long-distance one? Follow these steps to quickly turn that pen pal into a you-know-what buddy:…