The Six Aliens You Meet in College

The Sorority Alien This alien, normally a parasitic , Omega Centaurian shapeshifter just loves her sisterhood. She’s always either talking about the next mixer she’ll attend or which Sigma Nu’s…

New Art Installation So Much More Than Just A Pile of Dead Fetuses

The Hood Museum’s newest art installation, on the surface a run-of-the-mill pile of dead fetuses, has sent the art world into a frenzy surmising its full emotional and intellectual weight….

What’s Under My Bed

One sock. A monster!! DA…I mean…MOM!! Nope, sorry, that was a sweater. I forgot about this one, I used to wear it when it was cold on the boat. My…


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Check out our latest issue Pumpkin Face Fun Magazine * Available now on Novack newsstands *  — Featuring I Can’t Believe You Ate The Whole Jar of Pickles by Drew Zwetchkenbaum Survey…


8 Things You’d Be Surprised You Can Find In A Library

Most folks these days think they can get all they need at the touch of a button, but these eight things would convince any Google gaga there’s nothing like stepping…


Our Halloween Decorations Are Super Lifelike!

Mom, I can’t find our Halloween decorations. Oh, never mind, here they are. We got a lot of neat stuff down here: lights, lamps and there’s a scary skeleton. Whoa!…


This Fertilizer Is Shit

Dear FertilizeMe Lawn Care Company, When I first saw your bag of extra-strength fertilizer sitting on my local Home Depot’s shelf, I was ecstatic. I had just picked up some…


I Would Totally Be Decent At Figure Skating

Dude, I would totally be like a decent figure skater. Not like a really good figure skater, but totally better than average. No, I don’t want to be a figure…

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The Best Sam

While some may accept being good, he strives to be the best.


Copyright-Abiding Names For The Super Bowl

The Big Game Game Day February Football Fest The Lombardi Showdown The Amazing Concave Dish Doritos Commercial Championships 2014 Men’s Lingerie Bowl It Sure Ain’t Chess! The Fake Fight Le…