Wifi Outage Impedes Learning

The Dartmouth Secure server, the main source of wifi for campus, unexpectedly went down at midmorning yesterday. The unexplained outage lasted from approximately 11:05-12:43. Economics 10: Statistical Methods, taught by…


Hey Man, What Band Is This?

“Hey man, what band is this?” “Oh this? This is, ‘The Travelling Merchant Came Upon A House And Looked Inside But There Was No One Home So He Kept Walking…


Tru Confessions!

            “Last week I farted in the middle of an office meeting and blamed it on the intern.” -Rachel W., CT “I watch Desperate Housewives….

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Frog and Toad Aren’t Really Friends

It was a beautiful spring morning. Frog hopped up the dirt road to Toad’s house and knocked loudly on the door. “Toad!” he called. “It’s me, your best friend, Frog!…


Cool Dad

Don’t worry Michael, I’m the cool dad. I’m not gonna bust you for anything like your mom. I’m cool. When you come over to this pad (please stop calling it…

50 shades of Dre-page-001

50 Shades of Dre

  - LH ’16


Valentine’s Day Guide

With such happy vibes and infinite appeal, it’s no wonder Hanover ranks 580th on Yelp’s list of romantic getaways. But with so much to do, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed…


Dartmouth Leads the Way in Fostering Inclusive Campus Environment by Removing Doors from Residence Halls

In his “Moving Dartmouth Forward” speech this Thursday morning, President Phil Hanlon announced several groundbreaking changes that will make the college safer and more inclusive in the coming years.  Foremost…


GDX Pleased to Announce Diversity of New Pledge Class

After the official conclusion of Winter Rush events last week, GDX fraternity inducted eight new brothers. President Dale Lewis, ’15, commented that all of the brothers are extremely excited to…