Thinking of Committing a Hate Crime? The Jacko Weighs Your Options

Late Monday night, an anonymous group of students distributed hundreds of flyers promoting an online business selling apparel featuring the College’s now-abolished “Dartmouth Indian” mascot. The act coincided with yesterday’s…


Disappointed Musings By An Alum Returned for Homecoming

This place is really going to the dogs. [shakes head sadly]   In my day, we didn’t touch the fire, we got to at least third base with the fire….


Band Asks Audience How They Are Doing Tonight; Local Man Is Honest

ROCHESTER, NY— Audience members at Whore City’s long-awaited Rochester stop on their 2015 tour confirmed that Tony Peters, 48, demonstrated raw and admirable honesty when asked how he was doing…

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Either You Finish Your Carrots, Or It’s Time For Another High-Stakes Game of “Snake Toss”

I get it, son. When I was your age, I didn’t like to eat my vegetables either. But think about it from my side: parenting is hard. I don’t like…


QUIZ: Would You Gay Marry Martin?

Or Do You Want Love To Lose? Take Our Quiz! –KS ’16


What About Cardadad?

By now we’ve all heard of and used what’s being called the sexiest spice ever: cardamom. Food critics agree that its strong taste and intense aroma bring dishes to the…


5 Ways to Score Taylor Swift’s Confidence

1.     Don’t let a little heartbreak bring you down! Taylor knows how to shut down the haters with her creative songs and killer voice. 2.     Wait a second,…


Kate Hudson’s Colon: Exclusive Web Content from JOGUE

  Here at JOGUE, we’ve seen celebrity trends that have come and gone. Remember boot cut jeans, fedoras or worst of all, the #nomakeup selfie (yikes!)? If there’s anything we’ve…


What’s Your ‘Scope This Month?

Aries: stethoscope Taurus: telescope Gemini: microscope Cancer: colonoscope (get it?) Leo: kaleidoscope Virgo: periscope Libra: Rifle Scope Scorpio: Urethoscope Sagittarius: Tachistoscope Capricorn: Laryngoscope Pisces: Bronchoscope Aquarius: Scope mouthwash -LH ’16