Dartmouth to Exclude Arsonists from Librarian Search

Last Thursday, the college announced that it would not consider arsonists in its effort to fill the three vacant librarian positions.   “Dartmouth College has over 4 million printed volumes…


A Riddle

If you’ve heard this one, please don’t spoil the answer.   While on a walk through an unfamiliar town, you hit a fork in the road. Luckily, there are two…


Morano Gelato – For Men!

–KS ’16


6 Winter Activities to Try this Term!

Have a snowball fight: This classic winter game is a great way to get outside and have some fun with your friends! Go for a long walk through town with your…


Bucket List: 6 Things to do Before You Die!

Write a Will – You’ll definitely want to see a lawyer before you die so you can get some help writing your will. It’s important to make sure your possessions…


I Love Shredding the Gnar

I love shredding the gnar, smoking dank weed, and the sweet embrace of our lord, Jesus Christ. There is nothing like hitting the bowl and then going tubular through some…



You bet your ass we have pancakes, and we’ll sell them to you too.  Just take a look at that price on the menu.  You pay that price and we’ll…


5 Photos of Multiracial Attic Families That Will Give You All the Feels

Brace yourself, because this might be too much AWWW to handle! 1. This sweet picture of Evelyn and Alex Rossdale, with their kids Carlos and Alison, after their third month…

Deep Thots With Great Intellectuals

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. –LH ’16


9 Ways to Know Your Freshman Roommate is Going to Be Your BFF for Life

1. You sleep in the same room together every night. You share a one room double, so you sleep in the same room every night. If that doesn’t mean you’re…