Our A Cappella Group Has A Piano

Ladies and gentlemen of the human resources department, as you sit here before me considering who will provide the entertainment at this year’s company picnic, I’m sure one question over…

Homecoming Flashback: Keggy’s First Appearance

This Homecoming marked Keggy’s 9th Birthday. Watch this footage of Keggy’s 2003 debut to see him gleefully cheer on the Big Green for the very first time. “Go Dartmouth Kegs!”

Hopkins Center Posters

The Hop commissioned us to design posters promoting a performance by political satire group The Capitol Steps. We made these.  

Read Our New Issue Online!

Read Our New Fake D Issue Online! Right now on the In Print Page! Also available on Novack news stands.

Keggy on TV!

Click on Keggy to watch his recent appearance on TV!

BullshART Floods the New York Art Scene

Interactive performance art (nicknamed bullshART by the art world) is clearly on the rise. In June we felt the beginnings of the movement with Franklin Aucoin’s  “Wonderwall,” an early August piece…

Ramblin’ Joe Biden

From the Desk of the Press Secretary: In an effort to reach out to America’s Country/Western community, the Vice President is proud to announce the release of his new album Biden…

The Ghost Writer

Bob sat awake, watching jagged silhouettes bounce across the window of his New England townhouse. A frigid breeze wafted from beneath his bedroom door. The night was spooky. It was…

Hamlet: Director’s Cut Bonus Content

The following is an excerpt from a recently discovered, alternate manuscript of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Act 5, Scene 2, Line 317: Queen: No, no, the drink, the drink! O my…

Pop Music Haikus

Made T-Swift’s career But Beyonce’s still better Bush hates black people -Kanye West   I drummed so hardcore Can no longer wipe my ass Can’t make this shit up -Phil…