Last Supper

Last Supper Murder Mystery

INT. Banquet Hall JESUS, 32, and the APOSTLES sit eating along one side of a long table. Jesus stands. The disciples silence to listen. Jesus Friends. I tell you now…


A Tinderer’s Log

Day 1: Just got Tinder. All my friends have been telling me to get it.  Seems sort of dumb, but I guess it could be fun. Day 2: Got my…


What the Fuck Is Jennifer Aniston?

A custom sandwich An unfamiliar word if you’ve never read a magazine or gone to a Vince Vaughn movie and/or been alive for more than a month A Greek vegetable…

god creation

God, The English Student

In the Beginning, the First Draft was a formless void of darkness and procrastination, until finally God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light. And God saw that…


The Meal Plan Diaries

December 21st, 2012, 8:56 PM After running the analytics for the fourth time, it’s settled: I’m opting for the 10. Sure, I sacrifice several coffees per week. It’s worth it…


Online Love

Dear Diary, Today is finally the big day. Today I meet the girl of my dreams. For six months now we’ve been talking to each other online. It seems like…

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Today’s TV Lineup

  FEATURED SHOW – Exotic Dancing With the Stars: Celebrities are paired with professional strippers to see how their lives would have been had they dropped out of acting school….

10 Songs Glee Should Totally Cover

After months of debate and deliberation, we’re finally ready to debut our list of songs that would benefit from the trademark Glee treatment: 4 1/2 Minutes of Will.I.Am Having A…