The Cruis’n Exotica Experience

Welcome everyone to the thirteenth annual Cruis’n Exotica Worldwide Tour! It’s been over a decade since the legendary third Cruis’n racing game first took you to exotic locales around the…


New Commemorative Coins

The US Mint charged The Jack-O-Lantern, young creatives at a school that knows from money, with designing its next line of special edition quarters. Here’s what we whipped up. -Matt…


Gleep Glorp & Mobiatron

Gleep-Glorp and Mobiatron were my friends. Back when I didn’t have many “real” friends, those two cybo-bots came down from the planet Xxyxxflx to make my life worth the while….


Stars: They’re Mortal Like Us!

Matt Garczynski ’14


The Tortoise & The Hair

  Once upon a time, a boy was flouncing through a park when he literally stumbled across a tortoise. How it got there he didn’t know, and after a line…

idea image

The Power of an Idea

I’m just one in a room full of solipsists. It’s the third annual convention. People are filing into the Marriott conference room. Most of the younger members sit in their…