New Commemorative Coins

The US Mint charged The Jack-O-Lantern, young creatives at a school that knows from money, with designing its next line of special edition quarters. Here’s what we whipped up. -Matt…


Gleep Glorp & Mobiatron

Gleep-Glorp and Mobiatron were my friends. Back when I didn’t have many “real” friends, those two cybo-bots came down from the planet Xxyxxflx to make my life worth the while….


Stars: They’re Mortal Like Us!

Matt Garczynski ’14


The Tortoise & The Hair

  Once upon a time, a boy was flouncing through a park when he literally stumbled across a tortoise. How it got there he didn’t know, and after a line…

idea image

The Power of an Idea

I’m just one in a room full of solipsists. It’s the third annual convention. People are filing into the Marriott conference room. Most of the younger members sit in their…


The SC

INT. GIRLS’ LOCKER ROOM Justices RUTH BADER GINSBURG, ELENA KAGAN, and SONIA SOTOMAYOR step out of their volleyball uniforms and lift black ROBES over their heads. Ruth Way to stick…


Drafting The Flag

              -Matt Garczynski ’14


A Baker Island 4th of July

We sent Jacko correspondent Mike Hewitt ’16 to check out how the States’ most uninhabited non-state celebrates the 4th of July. It’s a beautiful cloudless day here on Baker Island,…