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Old Traditions Fail

Speaking at a conference on the Dartmouth Hall lawn Tuesday afternoon, Board of Trustees Chair Steve Mandel ‘78 tearily announced that the Old Traditions have failed. “They had their moment…


Frisbee Season Cancelled

In a tragedy that left everyone on the Dartmouth Ultimate Frisbee team having to go inside and find something else to do, the team’s one and only frisbee landed on…


Freshman Get-Together Explodes Into Party Mode Once Keystone Cracked Open

What was planned as an early evening hangout in the River Cluster turned into a full-on rager Friday night when one attendee broke out cold can of Keystone Light beer….


Guy On Longboard Never Stops For Friendship

  According to reports from students and faculty Monday morning, a mysterious longboarder was spotted kicking his way to parts unknown, never once stopping to let nobody love him. “Once…

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How To Ask Girls About Numbers

Check out how we ask girls what their (or any) numbers are!


Person of the Century 2013

Every spring since last spring, we’ve awarded the Annual Person of the Century Award™ to a person who has displayed outstanding achievement in the past century. This century, we are…

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DTF Cups

Dartmouth Social Cups is a new campus initiative aimed at encouraging students in dining halls to talk to one another. Drinking out of a red cup indicates that you are open…


If Paintings Were New Yorker Cartoons

-Matt Garczynski ’14

march madness

March Sadness

It’s April 1st. I emerge from my shelter deep underground. The world is still here. It’s over. I survived March Madness. March is a time when the male species is…

Last Supper

Last Supper Murder Mystery

INT. Banquet Hall JESUS, 32, and the APOSTLES sit eating along one side of a long table. Jesus stands. The disciples silence to listen. Jesus Friends. I tell you now…