Nana’s Guide to the Movies You Saw this Year

I may not have heard everything the actors were saying but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the flicks. It’s all about the experience, the popcorn, the skittles, the works….


We’re Doing Things Differently On the Force Nowadays

Everybody, gather round. We’re gonna be doing things a little differently on the force now. I hired a PR consultant, Saul Lemkin, and he has some pretty good ideas for…


Dander Canterbury: A Life In Cartoons

Although we grieve his passing, today we should celebrate Dander Canterbury’s life and incomparable body of work, inarguably the greatest, wittiest, funniest and most scathing collection of political cartoons. We…


Birdwatcher-Watching: A Personal Guide

Ornitholology, or as it is commonly known, the study of the study of birds, has become a growing fad across the country. Thousands are flocking, pun intended, to whip out…

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Onstage Divorces Inspire Millions

In contrast to the Grammy’s mass-marriage event during Macklemore and Madonna’s joint performance, 36 divorces were finalized on stage last night at the lesser-known Gaffer Awards. The event was emotional,…


Rejected Charlie Brown Specials

A Charlie Brown Keg Party It’s Just a Drug Trip, Charlie Brown Breaking Charlie Brown You’re Depressed, Charlie Brown A Charlie Brown Paternity Test Come Out the Closet, Charlie Brown…


An Interview with the Man Who Can Only Speak in Questions

Me: How are you today, sir? Him: Fine. How are you? Me: Ha. I just made you not say a question. Him: Ok. Me: That wasn’t a question either. Him:…


Mommy, Look At The Silly Gunman

Mommy, look! Look at that silly man. He has a real silly coat on. You think he’s a detective? Or maybe even a wizard! Look at him frowning and drooling,…